Could you be your own boss?

Now there's an idea.

If you’re interested in exploring whether your ideas can grow into a great business then Outset can help!

Our programme is designed to help you:
• Develop your ideas
• Build your confidence and skills
• Learn to run your own business

We know how daunting the idea of working for yourself and managing your own business can be. Our goal is not to baffle you with jargon, but rather to ensure that you have all the support you need for every stage of your journey, from developing the first stages of your idea through to planning and launching your business, and beyond. Plus, our Outset Finance service is a government approved Start Up Loans provider and can help you get money for your new business.

The good news is that, through our interactive online learning tool, Outset Online you can access all the support, knowledge and tools you need to start and sustain your business – whenever or wherever you need.

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Happy clients

"Outset has really motivated me, giving me the knowledge and business insight to help my ideas and skills support me and my family. Being my own boss is great and such a confidence boost. Thank you!" David Lamb, Carpandgard

"Outset is ingenious in providing exceptional guidance and support to start-up businesses. Their customer service is exemplary and their wealth of expertise phenomenal. Their support is fantastic!" Mandy Drake-Worth, Happy Signers

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